“Gal Gadot Opens Up About Imposter Syndrome and Finding Comfort in Hollywood’s Insecurities”

Actress Gal Gadot has had a successful career in Hollywood with hit movies like Fast & Furious, Wonder Woman, and Red Notice. However, despite her accomplishments, the 38-year-old Israeli actress admits to feeling like an imposter in Hollywood and experiencing anxiety despite being high-performing. She recently opened up about her insecurities in an interview with L’Officiel magazine while posing for glamorous photos in New York City. Gadot revealed that she always worries about whether people will like her work and never feels confident that they will love it.

During the interview, Gadot recalled speaking with Francis Ford Coppola, who is best known for directing The Godfather trilogy, and asking him how it feels to be a national treasure. To her surprise, Coppola revealed that he is always filled with doubts and fears that people won’t like his work. However, he advised her to follow her heart and come into it humble. This conversation with Coppola helped Gadot realize that even Hollywood legends experience insecurities, and she can embrace her own insecurities as well.

Gadot’s next movie is Heart of Stone, which she is producing and starring in. She hopes to continue breaking barriers for female protagonists in action movies and believes that as long as the story is universal, it can appeal to everyone. Rather than polished superhero movies, she wants to create gritty and grounded films that showcase the strength of female characters.

Funny feel: 'It’s funny, I always feel like I have this impostor syndrome, because I feel so lucky and I’m so happy that I get to do what I really, really, really love,' noted the brunette beauty

The flip side: 'I always feel like, “I hope they’re gonna like it,

As an actor, the usual process involves receiving a script and discussing it with the filmmaker, but it’s pretty straightforward. However, there’s something thrilling about creating a project from scratch. The interviewee enjoyed developing a character that had flaws and wasn’t perfect, wanting to depict a real individual that has to rely on herself and can never fully trust others.

The director they worked with, Tom Harper, was chosen because of his ability to craft character-driven stories that prioritize emotional performances. This mattered more than how the action looked on screen.

The interviewee also enjoyed working with their spouse, Jaron, who brings a business perspective to the table. When Jaron sold his entire real estate portfolio in Tel Aviv, he had to decide between continuing in real estate or working with the interviewee. They decided to work together, as it made sense for Jaron to take care of their interests as a life partner.

Will they like it? 'There’s never a moment when I’m like, “They’re gonna love this,”' shared the successful actress

Coppola set her right: It was a massive Hollywood icon who helped calm her nerves. 'I remember speaking to Francis Ford Coppola, and I asked him, “So how does it feel to be a national treasure?”' she said to writer Hannah Jackson

The writer of a new film is hopeful that audiences will be exhilarated by the story. She explains that the aim was to create a thrilling and exciting movie that would keep viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end. While the inspiration for the film is unclear, the writer notes that they tried not to take too much from other sources. Instead, they focused on making an original piece with a big scope, similar to Mission Impossible and James Bond films. They filmed in five different locations, including Iceland, Morocco, Lisbon, London, and Italy in the Alps. Despite having enjoyed filming in all of these places, the writer admits that Lisbon was particularly special, citing the people, food, culture, and good energy as reasons for her fondness of the location.

He helped: Coppola is best known for his The Godfather trilogy. 'He said, “You know, something? I’m always filled with doubts. I’m always afraid they’re not going to like it. I just follow my heart and I come into it humble.” I think this was one of the biggest lessons'

The Godfather director: She added, 'I’m sitting with the legend Francis Ford Coppola, and he’s talking about how humble and insecure he can get. I was like, “Okay, I can be insecure all the time”'; seen in 2022

In the upcoming Snow White movie, I had the opportunity to portray the villainous character of the Evil Queen, which was a great experience for me. It was amazing to be the first-ever evil villain in Disney’s history and explore my theatrical and dark side through singing and acting. Initially, I found it challenging to come out of the character as I got too involved in it during the first four days of filming. However, the whole process was like doing theater where everything is bigger and more dramatic, making it a lot of fun. The photo shoot for this project was done by Celeste Sloman, and I was styled by Cristina Ehrlich.

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