“Grateful Heart: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Enviable Physique in Beach-Themed Music Video Dedicated to Liam Hemsworth”

After being separated for three years, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had a heartwarming reunion last year. In her latest music video for the song “Malibu,” the singer showed her love and affection for her fiancé by including gushing lyrics and prominently displaying her dazzling engagement ring. Although Liam is not physically present in the video, he is subtly hinted at through the soft, airy lyrics and the way Miley is filmed. The eye-popping diamond ring also makes its return on her finger as a symbol of their strong bond.

Loved up and singing it out: Miley Cyrus truly cemented her love for fiancé Liam Hemsworth when she released the video for her new song Malibu on Thursday, in which she paid homage to her betrothed with gushing lyrics and a dazzling display of her engagement ring

Miley Cyrus has declared her love for Liam Hemsworth in the music video for her new song Malibu. The singer paid tribute to her fiancé with adoring lyrics and by showing off her engagement ring. The couple, who met on the set of The Last Song in 2010, split in 2013 but reunited last year. During their time apart, Miley spoke openly about drug use and risqué behaviour. The video for Malibu is shot as if Liam had filmed it, giving an intimate portrayal of the couple’s relationship.

Just for him: While the 24-year-old's partner is nowhere to be seen in the new clip, he is subtly included in the soft airy lyrics, in the way she is filmed and in her eye-popping diamond which is back on her finger

Exclusively for him: The latest video clip features the 24-year-old artist without her partner, but there are subtle hints of his presence in the airy lyrics, her filmed appearance, and the dazzling diamond ring adorning her finger.

Loved up: While the 24-year-old's partner is nowhere to be seen in the new clip, he is everywhere - in the soft airy lyrics, in the way she is filmed and in her engagement ring which is back on her finger

Head over heels: Although the new video clip doesn’t feature her 24-year-old lover, he’s still very much present. He’s woven into the delicate, dreamy lyrics, captured through the artistic filming, and symbolized by the return of her engagement ring to her finger.

 Feminine and floaty: The video is dream-like and filled with smiles and sunshine 

The footage exudes a gentle and airy vibe, with a whimsical quality and an abundance of cheerful expressions and bright rays of sunlight.

Beach babe: There is no twerking in this video but there is plenty of twirling

Beach babe: There is no twerking in this video but there is plenty of twirling

The video featuring beach babes twirling in bikinis does not include any twerking. Liam recently discussed Miley’s latest single that she released on Instagram last Wednesday. The song celebrates the love between the couple and the beautiful Malibu beach in California where they reunited. Although the track symbolizes their engaged status, it also marks a change in Miley’s music style from her previous two albums, Bangerz and Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. The new single showcases her soulful side while incorporating the country sound that originally made her famous.

Summer time sadness: Not only is the track beach yet a little country, the clip and Miley are too

The song “Summer time sadness” not only has a beachy feel but also a hint of country music in it. The music video features Miley Cyrus, adding to the overall vibe of the song.

Liam's eye view: The video for the track appears to have been filmed by her fiance - the ring means his title has returned - or at least directed so it feels like it is

From Liam’s perspective: It seems like the music video was potentially shot by her partner, as the presence of a ring indicates their title has been reinstated. Alternatively, they could have simply directed the video to give it a similar feel.

Working romance: Liam did shoot the cover art of the single, which Miley dropped on her Instagram Wednesday

Love at work: Liam was the photographer behind the single’s cover art, which Miley revealed on her Instagram account this Wednesday.

Guess what’s making a comeback? It seems that the couple hasn’t said anything about their engagement being back on before. However, one of them has confirmed that it is now official.

In her latest hit, the singer reflects on the past and how she never imagined writing a song about her former partner after their engagement ended in 2013. However, she finds herself beside him singing about their relationship. She compares their love to the ebb and flow of the ocean and expresses gratitude for his support when she feels overwhelmed. The song continues with a description of their ideal day spent on the beach, watching the sunset and cherishing each other’s company. Overall, it’s a romantic and heartfelt tribute to their rekindled love.

Who's looking at you kid: The viewer gets to gaze on the singer adoringly and appreciate her reciprocal adoration much as you would expect Liam would

As the audience, we have the privilege of gazing upon the singer with admiration and witnessing her reciprocated adoration, similar to how one would expect Liam to admire her.

Country Miley is back: While the track and clip mark the return of their engaged status it also marks a departure from the sound Miley has given fans on her last two albums

Miley has returned to the music scene with a new track and music video. This release not only signifies her engagement but also showcases a different sound from her previous two albums.

New single who 'dis? Gone is the hip hop-infused WiLL Made It-produced beats of Bangerz or the envelope pushing - and far less commercial successful - singing style found on Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz

Say hello to Miley Cyrus’ latest single, “who ‘dis?” It’s a departure from her previous works like Bangerz, which had hip hop elements and was produced by WiLL Made It. Similarly, it’s also different from her less commercially successful album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, which featured experimental singing styles.

Celebration: Instead country Miley (pictured September) resurfaces for a soulful and sweet track exploring her re-found love for her fiance

Party time: Country singer Miley Cyrus (seen in a September photo) returns with a heartfelt and delightful song that delves into her renewed affection for her partner.

As the lyrics describe their idea of a flawless day, Miley brings it to life in the music video with ease. We see her taking a leisurely stroll, running around with colorful balloons, and cuddling with her adorable furry friend. The video’s style is low-fi, adding to its charm. Miley appears to be embracing a more innocent and pure musical phase, reflected in her choice of all-white outfits. It could also be a subtle nod to her upcoming wedding.

Open and honest: In the song, the hitmaker sings that she never thought three years ago, referring to when they called off their engagement in 2013, that she would have been writing a long song about him, 'But here I am, next to you'

The popular singer expresses her truthfulness in her lyrics, admitting that she never imagined that she would be creating a lengthy song about her former partner, whom they broke off their engagement with in 2013. The line “But here I am, next to you” emphasizes her current position and reflects her openness about her past relationship.

As the sun sets, life imitates art: While the song speaks of their perfect day, Miley lives that out on the video as the camera/Liam watches on

As the sun sets, life imitates art: While the song speaks of their perfect day, Miley lives that out on the video as the camera/Liam watches on

As the sun descends towards the horizon, something magical happens in Miley’s new music video. The lyrics of the song describe a flawless day, and the footage perfectly captures this dreamlike vision. Liam is behind the camera, observing the enchanting scene as it unfolds before him. It’s like life imitating art, with Miley bringing her lyrics to life in a stunning visual display.

Just a Malibu afternoon: The former child star goes for a drip, runs with balloons and spends some snuggle time with her pooch in the low-fi video

Savoring a leisurely afternoon in Malibu, the ex-child actor enjoyed a refreshing drink, frolicked with balloons, and cuddled with her furry friend while being captured in a casual, low-tech video.

Miley dons a variety of outfits in the music video, including a cozy sweater paired with white bikini bottoms and a romper. The video concludes with a beautiful scene of the singer twirling around on a cliff wearing a short white dress that transforms into a long train resembling a wedding gown. According to Miley’s interview with Billboard magazine, she chose to share her experiences of her on-and-off relationship through her music on her own accord.

White out: Perhaps telling of her new seemingly more innocent musical phase or perhaps a nod to their upcoming nuptials, the songstress wears a series of white ensembles

Possible paraphrased versions:

– White is the hue of choice for the singer these days, which could reflect a shift towards a more wholesome sound or a reference to her impending marriage as well. She flaunts an array of white outfits in the music video.
– Is it a sign of purity or matrimony on the horizon? The artist dons multiple white costumes in the music clip, suggesting a fresh chapter in her career or personal life that exudes grace and refinement.
– If you’ve been following the musician’s recent trajectory, you might have noticed a conspicuous preference for all things white. Whether it represents a renewal of spirit or a symbol of commitment, she showcases various white attire in the visual accompaniment to her latest tune.

Lots of changes: Miley wears everything from a sweater with white bikini bottoms to a romper during the video

Lots of changes: Miley wears everything from a sweater with white bikini bottoms to a romper during the video

Miley is known for her ever-changing style, seen wearing a range of outfits in her latest video, from a cozy sweater paired with white bikini bottoms to a cute romper.

Back to the back: While there is no twerking, the songstress still flashes her derriere 

Returning to the rear: Although there is no twerking involved, the female singer still manages to showcase her backside.

White hot: The 24-year-old wears a white crocheted bikini and goes for a sunset swim  

Sizzling hot: This young lady, aged 24, dons a stunning white crocheted bikini as she takes a dip in the serene waters during sunset.

Say yes to the dress? The clip ends with a dream-like sequence of the singer twirling around on a cliff wearing a white dress which is short at the from but with a long wedding-like train

Agree to the gown? The video concludes with a whimsical scene of the vocalist spinning on a rock formation while donning a white frock featuring a short front hem and a lengthy train reminiscent of a bridal dress.

Let them talk: Miley recently said she decided to talk about her on-off relationship in song as it was on her own terms

According to recent news, Miley Cyrus has opened up about her on-again-off-again relationship with Liam Hemsworth by expressing it through song. Miley shared that she decided to do so on her own terms as people are going to talk about her regardless, and she wanted to take back control of her narrative. Interestingly, the song was written during a car ride on the way to her coaching gig at The Voice. Fans can expect to see Miley perform her latest track, Malibu, for the first time live on television at the Billboard Music Awards.

Get ready: It was announced Wednesday that Miley will perform at the Billboard Music Awards. She will be doing her first televised performance of the new track

Exciting news! Miley Cyrus is set to take the stage at the Billboard Music Awards for a performance of her latest song, which will be broadcasted on TV for the first time. This announcement was made on Wednesday, so prepare yourself for what’s sure to be an epic show!

The way she was: Back when Liam and Miley split in 2013 she was infamous for her nonstop twerking (pictured with Robin Thicke)

Her persona during the time of Liam and Miley’s breakup in 2013 was quite remarkable as she gained notoriety for her incessant twerking, as captured in a photo with Robin Thicke.

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