Looking Polished: Kylie Jenner Takes a Break for a Manicure in Beverly Hills Following a Day of KUWTK Filming

Being part of the well-known reality family, maintaining a flawless appearance is crucial. To keep up with the Kardashian standards, Kylie Jenner made a visit to the nail salon on Monday. The 17-year-old took some time to indulge in some pampering at the Nail Bar and Beauty Lounge located in Beverly Hills.

Manicure pit stop: Kylie Jenner is always well-groomed and made sure she topped up her treatments 

Kylie Jenner took a quick break from her busy schedule to visit a nail salon in Beverly Hills on Monday. Opting for a casual look, the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner family tied her brunette locks up into a topknot. Adding some height to her petite figure, she paired her ripped jeans and white top with a stylish pair of beige high-pointed heels. To complete her outfit, she accessorized with a gold chain choker and bangles.

Street chic: The 17-year-old wore a series of gold bangles and a matching necklace for the outing

Casual and chic on the streets: The teenage girl rocked a laid-back topknot hairstyle.

Now that's multi-tasking: The brunette tucked into a plate of food as she waited in the wings 

This dark-haired individual has a fondness for stiletto footwear as they were seen sporting a pair of towering heels to complement their distressed denim pants.

Trying things out: The lovely lady has talked about shaving a section of her hair as she experiments with her look 

Did Kylie make a pit stop for a snack? It seems like she had a plate in her hand, although there wasn’t any food visible.

 Not afraid to give it a go: She recently tried a blue hue, which she told MailOnline is the colour which most suits her skin tone 

Kylie opted for a chic top knot hairstyle during her recent visit to the salon. As expected, her makeup looked flawless! A snapshot of her manicure was shared on Instagram, featuring a vibrant lemon yellow hue. Her fingers were adorned with several gold rings that displayed unique and intricate swirling patterns.

Another hair change: She showed off her growing out undercut and told social media followers she was thinking of getting her head shaved again

She’s switched up her hairstyle once more: displaying her undercut growing out, she took to social media to share with her followers that she was considering shaving her head again.

Ensemble: She finished her look with a cropped leather jacket as she exited her vehicle and made her way into the salon

Outfit: To complete her attire, she opted for a short leather jacket.

Casual chic: Kylie wore denim skinny jeans along with high heels for the outing which showed off her trim figure

Casual chic: Kylie wore denim skinny jeans along with high heels

Kylie exuded a casual and stylish vibe as she donned a pair of denim skinny jeans paired with high heels. The young influencer took to Instagram to share a photo of the back of her hair, expressing her contemplation of shaving her head again. Despite being just shy of her 18th birthday, Kylie is already a hard worker, as evidenced by her recent appearance on reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians where she donned a different look consisting of thigh high boots and a simple white shirt dress ensemble.

Keeping up with Kylie: Earlier on Monday she was spotted  filming the 11th season of Keep Up With The Kardashians in Los Angeles

Staying in the loop with Kylie Jenner: Recently, the reality TV star was seen shooting for the upcoming eleventh season of Keep Up With The Kardashians in Los Angeles. While not filming, she has been spending time with her rapper beau. Of course, she always makes sure to look her best on and off camera, accessorizing her outfit with a stylish black Fendi bag and oversized sunglasses.

Those boots weren't made for walking! The youngest of the 'klan' wore thigh high footwear with stiletto heels

Those boots were definitely not meant for a casual stroll! The youngest member of the group chose to wear thigh-high boots that had slim and tall stiletto heels.

Fashion killer: Kylie channeled older sister Kim Kardashian West in her black suede thigh-high boots

Fashion killer: Kylie channeled older sister Kim Kardashian West in her black suede thigh-high boots

Kylie nailed the fashion game with her black suede attire, taking inspiration from her elder sibling Kim Kardashian West.

Back to black: Kylie was sporting her dark brunette locks instead of the ice blue tresses she was seen with on Thursday

Kylie Jenner was seen rocking her natural black hair instead of the previously seen ice blue tresses that she had at her Kylie Hair Kouture extension line launch for Bellami Beauty Bar. The reality star, who often goes by the name “Kylizzle,” had her dark brown bob styled in a tousled manner. The sighting occurred just after she had a dinner date with her 25-year-old beau, Tyga, at Nobu in Malibu.

Chic: She completed her ensemble with a white shirt dress and a furry Fendi bag 

Fashionable: To top off her outfit, she donned a stylish white shirt dress and carried a plush Fendi purse. Lately, the young celebrity’s romantic involvement with Tyga has been making headlines. According to reports, trans model Mia Isabella allegedly released nude pictures of the rapper and declared that she was in a three-year long affair with him.

Over the weekend, Kylie, who isn’t known for avoiding cameras, tried to conceal her face by holding an enormous orange Hermes Birkin bag while sitting in the front seat after enjoying a meal at Nobu.

Busy lady: Her outing to filming was just a day after she went for a dinner date with 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga at Nobu in Malibu

Busy lady: Her outing to filming was just a day after she went for a dinner date with 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga at Nobu in Malibu

The woman in question, who is known to have a lot on her plate, was recently spotted filming just a day after enjoying a dinner date with her 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga at Nobu in Malibu. Following their meal, the couple was seen driving off in a custom green Bentley two-seater. It’s clear that Kylie Jenner’s schedule is jam-packed as she counts down to her 18th birthday. During the red carpet event for her hair extension launch, the reality star revealed her plans for the upcoming celebration. “The first thing I want to do is maybe have like a birthday party and then maybe go on a trip with just my friends,” she shared with E!. “I’m legal, so I can go on a trip legally without a chaperone, so that’ll be fun, just a girl trip.”

Playing coy: The reality star attempted to avoid cameras while on her night out by using her orange Hermes Birkin bag to shield her face while leaving date night

The famous personality tried to dodge the paparazzi during her evening escapade by using her luxurious orange Hermes Birkin purse as a cover-up for her face as she exited her dinner date.

Trouble in paradise: On July 7, transsexual model Mia Isabella accused Tyga of cheating on Kylie as for more than three-years

There seems to be some drama between Kylie Jenner and Tyga. Transsexual model Mia Isabella claimed on July 7th that Tyga has been unfaithful to Kylie for over three years.

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