“Secrets to Jennifer Aniston’s Youthful Glow at 54: 6 Habits You Can Adopt Too”

The ‘Friends’ star maintains a habit of drinking celery juice every morning, exercising regularly, and adding collagen to enhance the beauty of their skin, hair, and nails.

Jennifer Aniston rạng ngời đón tuổi 54. Ảnh: The Purist Magazine

Actress Jennifer Aniston recently celebrated her 54th birthday. She has several health and beauty habits that keep her looking young and radiant. Every morning, she drinks a glass of celery juice diluted with apple cider vinegar, which helps reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels. After drinking this, she meditates for 30 minutes before having breakfast. For her skincare routine, Jennifer prefers to keep it simple by using a facial cleanser and moisturizer containing SPF. She believes that a balanced diet is crucial to maintaining a healthy appearance and incorporates antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables into her meals. Her typical breakfast consists of a protein shake with berries, leafy greens, and sweet herbs. Jennifer focuses on consuming protein-rich foods and minimizing her fat intake during the rest of the day. She also practices intermittent fasting to boost metabolism and maintain a healthy weight. Staying hydrated is also essential to Jennifer, and she ensures she drinks enough water throughout the day, even on busy workdays.

Ngôi sao Friends tập thể dục chăm chỉ mỗi ngày. Ảnh:  Vital Proteins

The star of “Friends” maintains a daily exercise routine. Jennifer is a yoga enthusiast, but she also practices other exercises such as pilates, boxing, gym, equipment workouts, and running. She changes her workout routine frequently because she believes that doing the same exercises for a long time reduces their effectiveness. Even on lazy days, she spends at least 10 minutes exercising. Her workout routine increases the amount of endorphins in her brain, making her more energized and enthusiastic. Jennifer Aniston supports the idea of supplementing health and beauty products. She takes collagen every day by mixing it into her coffee and other drinks. She noticed significant differences in her skin, hair, and nails when taking care from the inside out.

Nhờ tích cực tập luyện, cô không chỉ sở hữu thân hình bốc lửa mà còn có làn da căng bóng, mịn màng, ít nếp nhăn.

Thanks to her active training, the American actress, Jennifer Aniston, born in 1969, has a sizzling figure, smooth and glowing skin with very few wrinkles. After the success of the TV series Friends, she quickly became an A-list celebrity in Hollywood and transitioned to starring in films. She left her mark on romantic comedies such as The Break-up (2006), Marley & Me (2008), Just Go With It (2011) and made a comeback to television in 2019 with the series The Morning Show, which earned her a Golden Globe award.

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