“Summer Fun: Kendall Jenner and Shanina Shaik Bask in the Sun in Mykonos”

Kendall Jenner, the 23-year-old model, has been enjoying a holiday on the Greek island of Mykonos with her friend and fellow model Shanina Shaik. These parties come amidst her divorce from her husband Greg ‘DJ Ruckus’ Andrews. On Sunday evening, Jenner continued to have fun in the sun as she was seen with Shaik, both looking stunning. Jenner caught people’s attention as she walked onto Nammos Beach wearing a shiny silver bikini that showed off her slim figure.

Soaking up the sunshine: Kendall Jenner was spotted soaking up the sunshine on Nammos Beach in Mykonos on Monday

On Monday, Kendall Jenner was seen enjoying the sun on Nammos Beach in Mykonos with a group of stylish women who arrived at the beach restaurant by boat. They proceeded to party on the beach while the sun set. Kendall and her friends appeared to be in good moods as they snapped selfies in the sea and even fell in, causing Kendall and Shanina to erupt into laughter. The models flaunted their toned bodies in bikinis while frolicking in the water, and at one point, male companions joined them, carrying Kendall into the ocean.

Let's hug it out: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star hugged her pal Shanina Shaik as they frolicked in the azure Mediterranean Sea

Having a laugh: The stunning pair laughed raucously during their leisurely day out

Come on in for a hug: While enjoying the beautiful azure Mediterranean Sea, the popular celebrity from Keeping Up With The Kardashians shared a warm embrace with her dear friend Shanina Shaik. The two splashed around in the water and couldn’t stop laughing together.

Right by your side: The two remained side-by-side in the ocean as they partied with their large group of friends

Together, the pair hung out with their extensive circle of pals in the sea, remaining right beside each other.

Skimpy bikini: The younger sister of Kim Kardashian wowed as she stepped out onto the beach wearing a skimpy silver bikini

With a sizzling hot look, the little sister of Kim Kardashian amazed everyone as she strutted her stuff on the sandy shores donning a revealing silver bikini.

Upbeat: The brunette beauty appeared to be in a decidedly upbeat mood as she cooled off in the sea

She nailed it! The reality star  coordinated her barely-there swimsuit with silver nail polish

Radiating positivity: The gorgeous dark-haired woman seemed to be radiating positivity as she hung out with her friends and took a refreshing dip in the water. Her fashion statement of the day was a stunning purple pleated skirt, which she was spotted playfully lifting up while hitting the beach at a fancy resort.

Making an arrival: The glam group of friends arrived at their destination of choice by boat, and partied there until the sun set

Arriving in style: A chic clique of buddies made a grand entrance to their selected spot via a boat, and revelled there until dusk fell.
Unadorned Charm: The celebrity flaunted her innate charm, going au naturel for her laid-back outing in the radiant sunshine.

Downtime: The glam models have been enjoying some downtime since Paris' couture fashion week recently coming to an end

Rest and Relaxation: The gorgeous fashion models are currently taking some well-deserved rest and relaxation after the grand finale of the couture fashion week in Paris.

Entertaining: Kendall appeared keen on keeping her large group of pals entertained during their time on the beach

Kendall seemed determined to ensure that her extensive circle of friends had a fun-filled time while they were at the beach.

Wrapping up: In between the partying, she wrapped herself in a blue towel while sitting and talking with her friends

Summary: During her vacation, Kendall wore a lilac pleated skirt with a matching top and wedge heels. She accessorized with a gold necklace and hoop earrings while enjoying the beach. Meanwhile, Shanina turned heads in a black swimsuit with silver buttons down the torso. She wore a topknot and added a gold necklace and rings to her look, along with sunglasses.

Rewritten: As they enjoyed their getaway, Kendall opted for a chic ensemble consisting of a pleated lilac skirt paired with a matching top and wedge heels. Her outfit was elevated by delicate accessories, such as a gold necklace and hoop earrings, as she frolicked in the sea. On the other hand, Shanina made a bold statement in a plunging black swimsuit adorned with shiny silver buttons. She styled her hair in a sleek topknot and added a touch of glamour with a gold necklace and rings. Keeping her eyes shielded from the sun, she completed her outfit with a pair of stylish sunglasses.

Swimsuit: Australian beauty Shanina put on a glamorous display in a black swimsuit with shiny silver buttons down the torso

Rose gold pendant: The model accessorised with a delicate rose gold pendant

Australian stunner Shanina looked absolutely stunning in her beach attire, donning a chic black swimsuit that was gracefully accentuated with silver buttons lining down the torso.

Mane attraction: Melbourne native Shanina wore her damp raven locks in a topknot as she splashed about with her friends

Shanina, a Melbourne local, flaunted her stunning looks as she enjoyed some water fun with her buddies. She opted for a topknot with her dark, slightly wet tresses stealing the show.

Adjustment: Kendall appeared concerned with her bikini top, as she was seen constantly adjusting it

Lift: Shanina was seen lifting Kendall out of the water, in between sharing laughs and hugs with the American beauty

Shanina was spotted helping Kendall get out of the water while they were having fun and enjoying each other’s company with laughter and hugs.

Taking the plunge: Australian beauty Shanina's swimsuit of choice boasted an eye-catching plunging feature at the back

Shanina, an Australian beauty, chose a swimsuit with a striking and attention-grabbing plunging feature at the back. It seems she decided to take a risk by opting for this daring style.

Single: The brunette beauty appeared to be in an upbeat mood, days after announcing her split from her husband of a year

The delightful dark-haired woman seemed to be in high spirits, only a few days after publicly revealing her separation from her spouse of 12 months.

Sundress: The star carefully removed her burnt orange skirt as she prepared to join the fun and frolics on the beach

Strike a pose: She soon joined her pals in striking a pose for the cameras

In anticipation of enjoying the beach festivities, the celebrity cautiously took off her sun-kissed orange dress.

Social media: While enjoying their luxury break together, the ladies have been sharing footage on their social media accounts

Social networking: As the ladies enjoy their lavish vacation, they’ve been posting videos on their social networking profiles.

Cheeky! Posing for the camera soon turned cheeky as one of the pals playfully flashed her pert posterior

How daring! What was once a simple photo shoot became quite risqué as one of the friends mischievously revealed her perky backside.

Models: Kendall and Shanina share a professional link, as they both made a name for themselves as Victoria's Secret models

Kendall and Shanina have established themselves as renowned Victoria’s Secret models, creating a professional bond.

Newly single: The pair are both newly single after Kendall's reported split from NBA star, Ben Simmons, 22, in May and Shanina's split from DJ Ruckus, 35, last month

Recently single: Kendall and Shanina are both currently unattached after Kendall ended her relationship with NBA player Ben Simmons in May and Shanina split from DJ Ruckus last month. Shanina arrived at the beach in a fashionable burnt orange skirt and top, paired with white plimsolls. The following day, Kendall continued the festivities in a vibrant yellow bikini with textured detailing and spaghetti straps, accessorized with delicate gold jewelry and stylish sunglasses. She spent the day at the beach with a group of friends, including shirtless men, and was seen happily jumping into the sea from a boat. Her hair was styled in a neat bun.

Friendship never ends: The ladies showed their affectionate for one another as they hugged while running into the sea

The bond of friendship is eternal: The women expressed their fondness towards each other by embracing tightly while running towards the sea.

July: Kendall is among a host of stars who in recent years have opted to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday away from the US

During the month of July, Kendall is just one of several celebrities who have chosen to spend the Fourth of July holiday outside of the United States. This trend has become increasingly popular in recent years.

European getaway: Their fellow Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima has also been seen vacationing in Europe this month

Exploring Europe: One of their fellow Victoria’s Secret models, Adriana Lima, was spotted enjoying her own European holiday earlier this month.

Boat ride: Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kendall was also seen abroad a yacht with singer Justine Skye last week

Career: Kendall rose to fame on her family's reality show, before forging ahead with a career as a model

Kendall, the famous reality TV star from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, was spotted on a boat with singer Justine Skye last week.

Famous friends: Shanina counts Kendall's older sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian among her list of famous friends

Shanina has a group of well-known pals, and among them are the Kardashian sisters, Kim and Khloe.

Longtime pals: Kendall and Shanina's friendship first publicly came to light when they were seen on a yacht with Gigi Hadid

Kendall and Shanina have been friends for a while now and their friendship became known to the public when they were spotted on a yacht with Gigi Hadid.

Chic: She looked stylish in a pair of fashionable rectangular framed sunglasses

Minor adjustments: Kendall was seen adjusting her bikini top once again as she settled in on the sunny beach

Kendall managed to adjust her bikini top once more before comfortably settling down on the warm sandy shore.

Selfie time: Kendall was in her modelling element as she posed up a storm for a series of selfies with her friends

Let’s take a selfie: Kendall looked like a pro model as she clicked numerous selfies with her buddies, showing off her best poses.

A popular choice: For quite some time, the wealthy jet-set crowd has been showing love to the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos as their go-to destination.

Lithe: The reality TV star-turned-model displayed her lithe frame as she enjoyed her relaxing day out with her friends

Shanina Shaik, a former reality TV star who has now made a name for herself as a model, recently enjoyed a day out with her friends where she was seen displaying her slender and graceful physique. It appears that the 28-year-old is living her best life as a single woman as she was spotted having a great time partying with her genetically-blessed friends at the popular Nammos beach club. The group danced on tables and turned heads with their revealing outfits while enjoying themselves in the packed club. Shanina flaunted her toned legs and tiny waist in a burnt orange skirt matched with a plunging black crop top while Kendall donned a sparkling bikini top and a lilac skirt, showing off her stunning figure.

Carried: At one stage during their day out, the ladies were joined by male pals, who lifted them and carried them into the sea

During their day trip, the women were accompanied by some male friends who gave them a lift, carrying them into the ocean.

Game for a laugh: Kendall revelled in the fun and frolics as she was lifted and carried along the shoreline

Amused: Her towel remained on her as her friend carried her, much to her pals' amusement

Having a good time: Kendall enjoyed herself immensely as she was carried and lifted along the beach, laughing and having fun.

She nose exactly what to do! In anticipation of going under the water, Kendall's friend tightly held her nostrils together

Kendall’s friend had the perfect solution for going underwater – she simply pinched her nostrils tightly shut to prevent water from entering. Talk about smart!

Making a splash: The friends also splashed water on one another as their seaside fun and games took a boisterous turn

Having a blast: The group of friends couldn’t resist splashing each other with water during their beach escapade, adding some rowdiness to their playful activities.

We like to party: Dozens of revellers were seen partying on the popular beach as they ladies larked about

We love to have fun: Many people were spotted having a blast on the crowded beach while the ladies played around. Making an entrance: Kendall made a fashion statement when she showed up for lunch wearing a lovely lilac skirt paired with a cute short-sleeved top.

Bags of style: She complemented her ensemble with a cream handbag, which featured chunky chain straps

Stylish Bags: Her outfit was enhanced by a cream handbag with thick chain straps.
Looking Fabulous in Orange: Shanina was also fashion-forward, sporting a burnt orange top and matching skirt upon arrival.

She's got it in the bag: For accessories, Shanina was seen carrying a brown Louis Vuitton clutch bag

Shanina was spotted carrying a brown Louis Vuitton clutch bag, making her accessories game on point.

The glamorous life: Shanina and her pals have been getting whisked around the resort on boats

Shanina and her friends are living the high life, cruising around the resort on luxurious boats. Both Shanina and Kendall are now single, with Kendall reportedly ending things with basketball player Ben Simmons in May and Shanina calling it quits with DJ Ruckus just last month. They are currently among a group of celebrities that have flocked to Europe for some fun in the sun after Fourth of July celebrations. Last week, Kendall was spotted hanging out with singer Justine Skye on a yacht. Shanina and Kendall have been friends for at least four years, having been photographed together on a yacht in Monaco back in 2015 with models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. The Australian model is also friends with Kendall’s sister Khloe, as evidenced by their heartwarming exchange on Instagram last Sunday.

Picture perfect: Shanina showed off her natural beauty, going makeup-free for her time on the beach

Pendant: She highlighted her decolletage with a delicate pendant

Shanina flaunted her flawless looks on the beach without any makeup, exhibiting her natural beauty.

Friends in high places: As with Kendall, Shanina's modelling career as helped land her a host of glamorous and famous pals

Shanina’s modeling profession has provided her with numerous glamorous and well-known acquaintances, much like Kendall.

I'll be there for you: Throughout all of the fun and frolics, Kendall held tightly onto her close pal

Support system: Kendall has been a part of Shanina's support system since her split

Whenever there was excitement and joy, Kendall never let go of her dear friend – I promise to stand by your side.

Parents: Australian-born Shanina's parents are of Lithuanian, Pakistani and Saudi Arabian descent

Shanina, who hails from Australia, has a multicultural background with parents that have roots in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Lithuania. Meanwhile, Kendall took a break from the festivities to admire her friends having a good time from afar during the day.

Protected at all times: While she ventured towards the waters to chat to her pals, she refused to let go of her skirt

Always keeping herself covered: As she headed towards the water to catch up with her friends, she made sure to hold onto her skirt tightly.
Taking a break from work: When she’s not busy with fashion events, she loves spending quality time with her loved ones and friends.

Curious onlookers: The sizeable group attracted the attention of curious onlookers as they partied the day away together

The large crowd of revelers who were celebrating together drew the interest of passersby who were curious to see what was happening.

Male friends: The group of ladies were joined by male pals as they disembarked from their boat

As they got off their boat, a group of ladies were accompanied by their male friends. Shanina expressed her admiration for Khloé’s one-year-old daughter, True Thompson, on Instagram, which prompted Khloe to respond with praise. Khloe had earlier posted a video of the little one playing in a pink toy Bentley, and Shanina commented, “I can’t!! Most beautiful princess!!” Khloe was thrilled and responded, “ugh love you babes”. Shanina is also the face of Khloé Kardashian’s Good American clothing brand, and it seems that they have a friendly relationship beyond just their professional connection based on their social media exchange.

P{early white smiles: The ladies flashed their pearly white smiles as they continued to pose up a storm on the beach

With broad grins on their faces, the ladies flaunted their sparkling white teeth while striking various poses on the sandy beach.

Clothing optional: One of the friends' sundress was removed in the water as they enjoyed a cooling dip together

We're having a laugh: Their day out was filled with raucous laughter

Going without clothing: A member of the group had their sundress slip off while taking a refreshing swim with their friends.

Glamorous addition: The large group of friends were a notably glamorous addition to crowd at the beach

Stylish Presence: The beachgoers couldn’t help but notice the strikingly stylish presence of the big group of friends.

All designs: They showed off a variety of swimwear designs as they partied together in the skimpy ensembles

Different styles of swimsuits were on display as they celebrated in their revealing outfits. Mykonos Island has become a favored destination for Lindsay Lohan, who can often be found there.

Popular: Mykonos is hugely popular among young party-loving sunseekers. It's also known for its breathtaking views

Mykonos has become the go-to place for youthful individuals who enjoy partying and soaking up the sun. Additionally, the island is renowned for its stunning vistas.

Jet setters: Thanks to their careers as models, the ladies are often jetting off to different corners of the globe

Globe-trotting beauties: Thanks to their modeling professions, these women frequently find themselves traveling to various parts of the world.

Ever so popular: They proved popular with fellow revellers as they made the most of their day out

One of the most sought-after: They were well-received by their fellow partygoers as they fully enjoyed their day excursion.

Stunning backdrop: Kendall enjoyed the stunning backdrop as she sailed with her group of friends

Chilling out: The star looked relaxed and happy during her day out

Kendall had a great time sailing with her friends, taking in the breathtaking scenery surrounding them.

Snapshots: Of course, they were seen striking their best poses once again as a friend took their snapshots

The pair struck their best poses for the camera once again, with a friend capturing the moment in snapshots. Shanina has a mixed ethnicity background with Lithuanian, Pakistani, and Saudi Arabian roots. She is also friendly with the Kardashian family, attending Kim Kardashian’s exclusive beauty line launch party in 2017 and posing for glamorous photos with the reality star. Additionally, Shanina became part of the Good American squad in 2017 as the face of the fashion brand founded by Khloe Kardashian. Kendall Jenner can frequently be spotted modeling at prestigious events alongside her close friends Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Leading the way: The star led the way as she and one of her pals ran ashore after cooling off in the sea

Taking the lead: The celebrity guided the path while she and her friend sprinted towards the shore after taking a refreshing dip in the ocean.

Now you see me: They have been keeping fans abreast of their every move with frequent uploads to their Instagram accounts

In the public eye: Kendall has spent much of her life in the public eye, thanks to her family's reality TV show

Presently, I am visible: Through consistent posts on their Instagram profiles, they have been keeping their followers informed about their activities.

Good genes: Her mother is 'momager' Kris Jenner, while her father is former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner

Kendall Jenner has a definite advantage when it comes to good genes, being the daughter of “momager” Kris Jenner and former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner. She also has some valuable connections in the entertainment industry, with her pal Shanina attending Kim Kardashian’s exclusive beauty line launch party in 2017 and even taking some glamorous photos with the reality star.

In our own world: The ladies were in their own world as they partied the day away in each other's company

The group of women were completely absorbed in their own little bubble as they celebrated and enjoyed each other’s company throughout the day.

She's big on the internet: Kendall boasts a whopping 113million Instagram followers on her account

Kendall is an internet sensation with a massive following of 113 million people on her Instagram account.

Unreal numbers: Kendall's sister Kim Kardashian has an eye-popping 143million followers on Instagram

It’s quite unbelievable, but Kendall’s sibling Kim Kardashian has a staggering 143 million followers on Instagram.

Brother-in-law: Through her sister Kim Kardashian's marriage, she is a sister-in-law of rapper and designer Kanye West

Sister-in-law by association: Thanks to her sibling Kim Kardashian’s union, she has become connected to rapper and fashion mogul Kanye West as her brother-in-law.

Star of the show: Kendall looked like she was the star of the show as she relaxed on the boat with her friends

Kendall appeared to be the center of attention as she kicked back on the boat alongside her pals.

You've got to give her a hand: She was given a helping hand as she disembarked from the sea vessel

Let’s lend our support: As she stepped off the boat, she received assistance from someone on the dock.
Hair that turns heads: Kendall’s fashion sense has earned her a huge following, and she sported her shiny black hair down, parted in the middle.

Effortlessly glamorous: The ladies looked effortlessly glamorous as they made their way to the beach

The women appeared flawlessly elegant while heading towards the beach, with Shanina expressing her gratitude for being a part of a brand that aims to empower women. In an Instagram post, she mentioned feeling honored to join a group that values and promotes diversity and inclusivity. Being a woman of mixed cultures herself, Shanina emphasized the significance of celebrating differences and embracing uniqueness. She concluded by saying how thrilled and privileged she is to be a member of the Good American family, which encourages women to feel beautiful, strong, and confident through their #goodsquad movement.

Keeping Up With her latest holiday! Kendall showcased her supermodel figure in a sunshine yellow bikini as she soaked up the sun on the beach in Mykonos on Monday

Staying up-to-date with her recent vacation, Kendall flaunted her model-like physique in a bright yellow bikini while enjoying the warm rays of the sun at Mykonos beach on Monday.

Sunny disposition: She has been basking in glorious temperatures on the sandy shores and dancing on the table tops in bars in Greece

Happiness: She looked well and truly relaxed on the beach

Cheerful attitude: She’s been enjoying the splendid weather while lounging on the sandy beaches and having a blast in Greek bars by dancing on top of tables.

What a party! Later in the day, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star boarded a boat alongside a bevy of beauties and hunks

Wow, what a bash! Afterwards, the celeb from Keeping Up With The Kardashians hopped on a boat with a group of gorgeous people.

It's a scorcher! It was perfect conditions for the reality star to top up her tan in the little two-piece

Wow: She sizzled in temperatures soaring up to 28 degrees in the heat of the day

Wow, it’s hot out here! The reality star took advantage of the ideal weather to work on her summer glow in a cute bikini. She looked absolutely stunning as the temperature reached a high of 28 degrees, making for a sweltering day.

Over: Shanina split from her husband of one year, DJ Ruckus (left), last month

Shanina recently parted ways with her spouse, DJ Ruckus, after only being married for a year.

Longtime friends: Shanina's friendship with Kendall dates back at least four years, after they were pictured on a yacht together in Monaco with fellow models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin back in 2015

Shanina and Kendall have been close pals for quite some time now, with their friendship going back at least four years. The two were spotted on a yacht in Monaco in 2015, along with other models like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin.

Mates! Shanina is also friendly with the rest of the Kardashian clan. She attended Kim Kardashian's exclusive invite-only launch party for her beauty line (pictured) in 2017

Hey there friends! Did you know that Shanina is on good terms with the entire Kardashian family? She even scored an invite to Kim Kardashian’s exclusive beauty line launch party back in 2017, which was by invitation only. (See the picture of her at the event!)

Close! The Victoria's Secret model also palled around with Kim (centre) in a series of photo booth snaps

Almost there! The model from Victoria’s Secret also hung out with Kim (in the middle) and took a bunch of pictures in a photo booth.

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